With MensRoom, PR with a unique focus on men, we work dedicated at men’s interest sector for fashion, gadgets, health, lifestyle, spirits and more. MensRoom is a bimonthly information blast that delivers male-focused, customized campaigns to press, marketing influencers and our partners.

MensRoom Agency, PR with a unique focus on men - CreamPR


PR dedicated to men. Visually and in terms of content. The male brands and products industry is fast-growing. There is need for a men specialist and we understand that need. Media and influencers currently offer men many options to inspire. Men are also informed in that process by a new generation of guides, consisting of bloggers, vloggers, influencers and celebrities.
We like to create a solid match between traditional PR, marketing influencers and new media. To do so, each match requires a fitting concept using the right creative tools. Those tools can be content, visuals, workshops and get-togethers. In addition, we have our MensRoom space presenting brands to assist or inspire bloggers, vloggers and influencers.
MensRoom, this step is the logical result of the many innovative developments in the media landscape and men’s changing experience of fashion and lifestyle. That experience is more and more widely fed by online magazines, weblogs and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube – sources involving a different dimension and means of consumption than only traditional media such as TV and print.

MensRoom Agency, PR with a unique focus on men - CreamPR

The organisation of both seeding and paid deals // well structured, based on analytics and KPI’s
Creative concepts // workshops to strengthen knowledge and experience // events & gettogethers
Juridical and business support

Events for Mensroom – Watch the video’s and see it yourself.