Cream PR is passionate about what we call PR 3.0: getting your message out there through seamless cross-channel strategies so our clients can meet their business and communication goals.We build structural and sustainable relationships between brands, media and customers in both traditional and innovative ways.

We have entered a new era of public engagement. Our PR 3.0 strategy means we pull information and send out your message by engaging a variety of networks, communities and experts. We deliver the interaction between your brand, the media and the consumer. 

Cream PR’s keywords are bold ideas, result-driven and vision. While we retain the benefits of a smaller agency, we combine them with the strengths of a larger company. This means that our creative, dedicated and personal approach is fused with strategic planning ability, which is always connected and in line with our clients needs. 



Cream PR has a strong connection with the fashion industry and excellent personal contacts with trade magazines, journalists, bloggers and stylists. We work on both short term projects and long term contracts, and organize PR events.



Cream PR is strong in developing strategies and concepts in the field of fashion, lifestyle and interior. We are able to deliver a complete PR package and offer event organisation. Cream PR features a solid team of professionals & freelancers.



Cream PR is an expert on all social media and features in-house social media professionals. We know how to set up social media channels targeted on your brand, how to maintain them & how to use social media PR wise.

Great service rapidly turned Cream PR into the established and well known full service PR agency it is today. We work with many brands, from small and upcoming to big and established. Although Cream PR focuses on fashion and lifestyle, we are not tied to a certain field. Whether it’s about creating the perfect image, raising brand awareness, brand re-enforcement or yet to be launched products, we know how to guide your brand to success.

Our main services include:
– Seasonal press days
– Product launches
– Catwalk shows
– Celebrity endorsement
– Media product placement
– Amsterdam showroom
– Digital PR
– Blogger collaborations
– Developing concepts
– European network

The core team of Cream PR consists of five passionate and driven employees, who are experts in the field of fashion, lifestyle and interior, marketing, social media and journalism. Our team is assisted by various freelancers, all qualified in their own field of work.

The atmosphere at Cream PR is warm, relaxed and down to earth, but first and foremost professional. “Staying true to yourself and being passionate about PR,” is how founder and director Annet Goede explains Cream PR’s success. “Our compact team of driven people is known for its personal way of approaching brands and media, which makes Cream PR unique in its field.”

By excellent personal contacts with all key media, stylists and editors and an extensive network build in seventeen years, we are able to deliver the amount of publicity your brand needs.

Our showroom
We offer a clean, modern and professional presentation in our showroom, in a carefully chosen setting filled with inspirational brands and products. Our 350m2 showroom is situated in the creative area of Amsterdam and has grown into an authoritative source of inspiration for stylists and bloggers. Stylists, celebrities and journalists are free to visit our showroom Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 17h00.

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With a background as a stylist & marketing and communication manager, director Annet Goede founded Cream PR in 1998. Driving an authentic double-decker bus, she visited the most important and relevant editorial offices each week, representing apparel, lifestyle and footwear collections from a mobile showroom.